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Neue Angebote bei TFsource

Get ready to FALL in love with your collection all over again! Our Fall Sale is here, and it's bigger than ever before! Savings on over 750+ items. Start shopping now



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Neue Angebote von Gerrut Camaro

Some restock items & Legacy Evolution Bombshell have arrived!


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Neue Angebote bei The Collectors Bay


Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-52 Acinonyx & Symphony 2-Pack

Preis: 149,00 Euro

VÖ: voraussichtl. Ende Oktober 2023

Link: https://www.thecollectorsbay.de/p/mastermind-creations-reformatted-r-52-acinonyx-und-symphony-2-pack


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TF Robots - Neue Angebote

New arrivals @tf_robots

Hasbro Transformers Nova Prime, VNR Optimus Prime, Studio Series 86 Brawn, Studio Series WFC Cliffjumper & Deadeye Duel 2-pack

378142258-18366552562070563-4686696814534281291-n 378145746-18366552571070563-9123334335999520993-n 380701275-18366552580070563-6248451308361091143-n 380807637-18366552553070563-2597386082771261449-n 380816294-18366552544070563-527278590471173516-n

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Neue Angebote bei The Collectors Bay


DX9-mini 01 Vasili

VÖ: voraussichtl. Anfang November 2023

Preis: 49,00 Euro

Link: https://www.thecollectorsbay.de/p/dx9-mini-01-vasili


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Transformers Legacy Animated Bumblebee

Hier sind die ersten Bilder vom Transformers Legacy Animated Bumblebee.

RDT-20230917-0944332664709066665397753 RDT-20230917-0944391949315744981412778 RDT-20230917-094611269802225602825732 s-l1600 s-l1601 s-l1602 s-l1603

Quelle: domdukehazard

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Skybound’s Transformers Comics für Dezember 2023

Hier ist die Vorschau von Skybound’s Transformers Comics für Dezember 2023.

Transformers #3

Creator credits: (W, A) Daniel Warren Johnson, (CA) Mike Spicer, (CA) Taurin Clarke, (CA) Orlando Arocena, (CA) Matias Bergara, (CA) Nick Dragotta

Outnumbered and overpowered, it’s time for the Autobots to stand their ground, as Optimus Prime goes toe to toe with Skywarp!


Quelle: tfw2005.com

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Skybound Entertainment - Energon Universe Transformers Cover

Skybound Entertainment haben jetzt die kommenden Energon Universe Transformers Cover für die Comics veröffentlicht.

It’s your first look at the Transformers #1-6 connected covers by @mexifunk! Pick up Transformer #1 at your local comic book shop on October 4, 2023! #EnergonUniverse

W/A: @danielwarrenart
C: @SpicerColor
L: @ruswooton
CVR: @mexifunk

1-skyboundent-379247514-18381130837039523-1506562975182323224-n 2-skyboundent-379135923-18381130846039523-443172774919115484-n 3-skyboundent-378289624-18381130855039523-5957905183228340530-n 4-skyboundent-379076220-18381130867039523-7162267868155009303-n 5-skyboundent-379075429-18381130876039523-176374932316996753-n skybound-transformers-mexifunk-full

Quelle: Skybound Entertainment

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Takara Tomy Beast Wars Transformers BWVS-07 Airazor vs Inferno

Jetzt zeigen wir euch neue Bilder vom Takara Tomy Beast Wars Transformers BWVS-07 Airazor vs Inferno 2er Pack.

Transformers BWVS-07 Airazor vs. Predacon Inferno 2-Pack

Bring the ultimate Transformers experience to your collection with Takara Tomy Transformers BWVS-07 Airazor vs. Predacon Inferno 2-Pack! These adult collectible Transformers action figures for adults feature authentic Takara Tomy design and deco. The figure is showcased in premium deco and detail and comes in its original packaging with Japanese-language instructions.

Includes 2 figures, 4 accessories, 2 character cards, and instructions.

AUTHENTIC TAKARA TOMY DESIGN: This Transformers premium adult collectible BWVS-07 Airazor vs. Predacon Inferno 2-Pack is an authentic Takara Tomy product, inspired by the Beast Wars: Transformers animated series
BEAST WARS AIRAZOR CONVERTING FIGURE: The Airazor figure converts from robot to falcon mode
BEAST WARS PREDACON INFERNO CONVERTING FIGURE: The Predacon Inferno figure converts from robot to fire ant mode
PREMIUM ACCESSORIES: Figures feature premium deco, details, and accessories. The Airazor figure comes with 2 Photon blaster accessories. The Predacon Inferno figure comes with 2 missile launcher accessories
HIGH ARTICULATION FOR POSES: Airazor and Predacon Inferno action figures are fully jointed and highly articulated, allowing for intricate posability in action poses
ORIGINAL PACKAGING AND INSTRUCTIONS: This Transformers action figure 2-pack comes with original packaging and Japanese-language instructions
EXCLUSIVE CHARACTER CARDS: Comes with 2 Japanese-language character cards for the Airazor and Predacon Inferno figures

909521-11-2000x 909521-12-2000x 909521-13-2000x 909521-1-2000x 909521-2-2000x 909521-3-2000x 909521-4-2000x 909521-5-2000x 909521-6-2000x BWVS07-Inferno-Airazor2 BWVS07-Inferno-Airazor3

Quelle: tfsource.com

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Neue Angebote bei The Collectors Bay


Takara Tomy Diaclone TM-19 Tactical Mover Gale Versaulter (Ravager Unit)

VÖ: voraussichtl. Anfang April 2024

Preis: 109,00 Euro

Link: https://www.thecollectorsbay.de/p/takara-tomy-diaclone-tm-19-tactical-mover-gale-versaulter-ravager-unit

Takara Tomy Diaclone D Vehicles Set 1

VÖ: voraussichtl. Anfang April 2024

Preis: 79,00 Euro

Link: https://www.thecollectorsbay.de/.../takara-tomy-diaclone...

Takara Tomy Diaclone DA-104 Dia Guardion Zeros

VÖ: voraussichtl. Anfang März 2024

Preis: 139,00 Euro

Link: https://www.thecollectorsbay.de/.../takara-tomy-diaclone...

374506985-762870135850616-9011068852874173529-n 374511690-762870115850618-30156668014834407-n 376877642-762870132517283-220460033516074854-n

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