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ToyHax Newsletter - Juli 2019

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Presenting Toyhax's July 2019 release!

We'll begin with this month's heavy hitter, our set for Siege Jetfire! Our blend of greeble, G1 and Macross styled details does this figure wonders:
https://toyhax.com/for-siege/2791-label ... tfire.html
Did you like our upgrades for Siege Starsceram? Thundercracker and Red Wing now sport the same kind of additions:
https://toyhax.com/for-siege/2793-label ... acker.html
https://toyhax.com/for-siege/2794-label ... -wing.html

Siege Red Alert looks like a good old fashioned futuristic Lambo fire chief car:
https://toyhax.com/for-siege/2790-label ... alert.html

Siege Galaxy Optimus Prime new labels look like they should have been there all along:
https://toyhax.com/for-siege/2792-label ... prime.html

With a lack of reference material, some of the female Autobots have been difficult to work on. We think we pulled it off well with Greenlight:
https://toyhax.com/for-siege/2804-label ... trike.html

G2 Swoop inspired labels for Pteraxadon, and some much needed color breaks for Aimless:
https://toyhax.com/for-siege/2802-label ... xadon.html

Big Powered gets some big love:
https://toyhax.com/for-classics/2795-ta ... wered.html

FT Quietus looked a little sparse, so we came up with this:
https://toyhax.com/mp-scale/2805-labels ... ietus.html

Throughout all of this, we're continuing work on our cel-shaded line! CW Devastator is by far our favorite of the new editions:
https://toyhax.com/for-comb-wars/2803-l ... r-csw.html

Plus, we've now covered UT Runman/Bluzzing, XTB Ollie, XTB Boost, BC Grump and Ace Tumbler.
https://toyhax.com/mp-scale/2801-labels ... n-csw.html
https://toyhax.com/mp-scale/2799-labels ... e-csw.html
https://toyhax.com/mp-scale/2797-labels ... ype-a.html
https://toyhax.com/mp-scale/2798-labels ... ype-b.html
https://toyhax.com/mp-scale/2800-labels ... p-csw.html
https://toyhax.com/mp-scale/2796-labels ... r-csw.html


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ToyHax Newsletter - Juli 2019

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