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Toyworld TWFS-03 The Last Knight WWII Bumblebee

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier haben wir die Bilder vom Toyworld TWFS-03 The Last Knight WWII Bumblebee. Diese Figur transformiert sich in einen deutschen WWI Mercedes-Benz.

Toyworld-TW-FS03-WWI-Bumblebee-01 Toyworld-TW-FS03-WWI-Bumblebee-02 Toyworld-TW-FS03-WWI-Bumblebee-03 Toyworld-TW-FS03-WWI-Bumblebee-04 Toyworld-TW-FS03-WWI-Bumblebee-05 Toyworld-TW-FS03-WWI-Bumblebee-06

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Toyworld TW-FS06 The Last Knight WWI Starscream

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt können wir euch die Farbbilder vom Toyworld TW-FS06 The Last Knight WWI Starscream zeigen. Es handelt sich dabei noch um den Prototypen. Der Altmode basiert auf einer World War I Triplane Fokker Dr. 1.

TW-FS06-WWI-Starscream-01 TW-FS06-WWI-Starscream-02 TW-FS06-WWI-Starscream-03 TW-FS06-WWI-Starscream-04 TW-FS06-WWI-Starscream-05 TW-FS06-WWI-Starscream-06 TW-FS06-WWI-Starscream-07 TW-FS06-WWI-Starscream-08 TW-FS06-WWI-Starscream-09

Quelle: Toyworld

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Maketoys MTRM-15 Endgame (Masterpiece G1 Dirge)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier haben wir neue Bilder vom Maketoys MTRM-15 Endgame. Diese Figur ist Hommage an Masterpiece G1 Dirge. Endgame ist Cartoon akkurat und im G1 Style gehalten.

01-MTRM-15-Endgame 02-MTRM-15-Endgame 03-MTRM-15-Endgame 04-MTRM-15-Endgame 05-MTRM-15-Endgame 06-MTRM-15-Endgame 07-MTRM-15-Endgame 08-MTRM-15-Endgame 09-MTRM-15-Endgame 10-MTRM-15-Endgame 11-MTRM-15-Endgame 12-MTRM-15-Endgame 13-MTRM-15-Endgame 14-MTRM-15-Endgame 15-MTRM-15-Endgame 16-MTRM-15-Endgame 17-MTRM-15-Endgame 18-MTRM-15-Endgame 19-MTRM-15-Endgame 20-MTRM-15-Endgame 21-MTRM-15-Endgame 22-MTRM-15-Endgame 23-MTRM-15-Endgame 24-MTRM-15-Endgame 25-MTRM-15-Endgame

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Toyhax April Update

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party We're very excited to present this release - we've worked really hard on it!

Starting off with our incredible label and part set for Siege Stascream, you need to see it to believe it: ... cream.html

Cameran really outdid himself with these upgrades for Siege Soundwave: ... dwave.html

We're renewing our push for studio series sets, here are two new ones for the two deluxe bumblebees: ... lebee.html ... lebee.html

Due to popular request, we revised our set for TR Soundwave set to fit the target exclusive: ... dwave.html

GEE-WUN! ... ibots.html

More MP cel-shaded sets, this time with bonus labels! Check out what we've got for the + versions of Laserwave and Wheeljack: ... haded.html ... rwave.html

Bothered by the fact that some of your Siege figures look prestine? Scratch up your toys with these (do not actually scratch toys): ... abels.html

On the third party side, this set for MMC Inventa (coupled with our set for MMC Magna), is one of our favorite sets for third party yet:

And at last, we've started work on both UT Stellar Warrior and GT Guardian: ... layer.html ... ype-a.html


FansToys FT-44 Thomas (Masterpiece G1 Astrotrain)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier sind die Prototyp Bilder vom FansToys FT-44 Thomas. Er ist eine Hommage an G1 Astrotrain in Masterpiece Größe.

Fanstoys-FT-44-Thomas-01 Fanstoys-FT-44-Thomas-02 Fanstoys-FT-44-Thomas-03 Fanstoys-FT-44-Thomas-04 Fanstoys-FT-44-Thomas-05 Fanstoys-FT-44-Thomas-06 Fanstoys-FT-44-Thomas-07 Fanstoys-FT-44-Thomas-08 Fanstoys-FT-44-Thomas-09

Quelle: FansToys

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X-Transbots - MX-15 Deathwish (Masterpiece G1 Dead End)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier sind die Prototyp Farbbilder vom X-Transbots MX-15 Deathwish. Er ist eine Hommage an den G1 Dead End in Masterpiece Größe.

01-X-Transbots-MX-15-Deathwish 02-X-Transbots-MX-15-Deathwish 03-X-Transbots-MX-15-Deathwish 04-X-Transbots-MX-15-Deathwish 05-X-Transbots-MX-15-Deathwish 06-X-Transbots-MX-15-Deathwish 07-X-Transbots-MX-15-Deathwish 08-X-Transbots-MX-15-Deathwish 09-X-Transbots-MX-15-Deathwish 10-X-Transbots-MX-15-Deathwish 11-X-Transbots-MX-15-Deathwish

Quelle: X-Transbots

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X-Transbots - MX Gravestone (Masterpiece G1 Motormaster)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt zeigen wir euch die Prototyp Bilder vom kommenden X-Transbots Toys - MX Gravestone. Er ist eine Hommage an den Masterpiece G1 Motormaster. Er gehört zum X-Transbots Monolith, dem G1 Menasor.

X-Transbots-toys-MX-Gravestone-02 X-Transbots-toys-MX-Gravestone-03 X-Transbots-toys-MX-Gravestone-04 X-Transbots-toys-MX-Gravestone-05 X-Transbots-toys-MX-Gravestone-06 X-Transbots-toys-MX-Gravestone-07 X-Transbots-toys-MX-Gravestone-09

Quelle: X-Transbots

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TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party We have another excellent update for you! We're kicking it off with our set for Siege Ultra Magnus, with some much needed window additions!: ... agnus.html

Tasteful and subtle, our upgrades for Siege Shockwave look like the kind of details the toy was intended to have: ... kwave.html

Last on the Siege docket, the Wave 1 Battlemasters get some love, too: ... ave-1.html

Sometimes, people are amazed at how fast we come up with sets after a toy is released. On a unrelated note check out our labels for TR Alpha Trion: ... trion.html

Looking to get your kids involved in the hobby? These labels for Cyberbattalion Optimus and Megatron might do the trick: ... atron.html

Moving on to third party, we're particularly proud of our set for FT Hydra: ... hydra.html

Not to mention a reimagined G1-styled set for FT Hoodlum: ... odlum.html

It has begun! This is our first set for the Unique Toys Ragnaros team. Here's what we've got for Rage Winterchill: ... chill.html

We'd also like to invite you to follow our new facebook page, which will be our primary vessel for providing updates from now on!


TFcon Los Angeles 2019 – 3rd Party Panel

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt können wir euch die Bilder vom 3rd Party Panel von der TFcon Los Angeles 2019 zeigen. Zu sehen sind:


Premium Scale Blitzwing
DLX Series Bumblebee Prime

Banana Force

MPL-01 Red Sharpshooter
MPL-02 Great Armor

New Age

H2 Manero
H2G Capoeira
H2P Cyclops
H3 Harry
H7 McCoy
H8 Miller


Hound Kit
Shockwave Hand Kit
Sideswipe Kit
Jetpack Kit

Iron Factory

EX-12G Blue Flash
EX-14N Nightmare Commander
EX-20K Tyrant’s Wing Kallaite
EX 26 R Racing Bros Retrograde
EX-31 Dubhe
EX-32 Phecda
EX-33 Mizar
EX-32/33 Set
EX-34 Alkaid
EX-35 Merak
EX-38 Optics Hunter
EX-39 Hexwrench
EX-40 Mini One Man Army
EX-41 Sonicwave
EX-41 Primal Commander
EX-42 Heat Death
EX-44 City Commander Final Battle Armor
IFG-01 Star Wing

H.T.B Toys

Huge Dragon Upgrade Kit
G1 Head for TW Constructor

Jiang Xing

Matailbeast-01 WingedDragon

Zeta Toys

Moon Walker
Beast King
ZV-01 Pioneer
ZA-06 Bruticon

Fans Toys

FT-31D Smokey
FT-31E Bandit
FT-41 Sheridan
FT-42 Hunk
FT-43 Dunerider
FT-44 Thomas

Planet X

PX-C01 Ismenois G1 Kit
PX-21 Mars
PX-C02 Kadmos

Fans Hobby

MB-11A Black God Armor
MB-12 Athena
MBJ-01 Upgrade to MB-15
MB-15 Shuttle
MB-15 Heavy Armored Truck

Mastermind Creations

R-50 Supermax PSX EXCL.
Reformatted Gun

Ocular Max

PS-13 Impetus
PS-14 Incursus
PS-15 Fraudo
PS-17 Volatus
PS-16 Probus
RMX-01 + Jaguar Cage
U-01 Stellarus Prominion


Alle Bilder sind unter Mehr.


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Planet X - PX-02 Caelus Metallic

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier haben wir neue Bilder vom Planet X - PX-02 Caelus im Metallic Design.

52602838-2083540645046407-8448759850204135424-n 52605198-2083540441713094-1728633270448422912-n 52682021-2083540625046409-7424233206045474816-n 52753319-2083540521713086-772492177908432896-n 52766722-2083540401713098-5009451684263362560-n 52871865-2083540541713084-3346125633523548160-n 53021198-2083540408379764-2106512941351174144-n 53037404-2083540608379744-7876889722155433984-n 53250645-2083540505046421-2566039163161804800-n

Quelle: Planet X

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