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Neue Angebote von TF Robots

TF Robots In stock now @
- Jinbao Gravity Builder Set A:
- Spark MPM-04 add on kit:
- Hasbro Voyager Hun-gurrr restock:

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Neue Angebote von TF Robots

TF Robots In stock now @
- Hasbro Toys Alliance MAS-02 Megatron: 
- Transform Dream Wave TCW-03 Superion:
- Transform Dream Wave TCW-04 Computron:
- Transform Dream Wave TCW-05 Sixshot:
- Iron Factory IF-EX30 Cygnus:
- Mech Planet H.S.-13 Gold Fly Bug:

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Transformers Studio Serie Voyager Megatron

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir ein Video vom Transformers Studio Serie Voyager Megatron. In diesem wird auch die Transformation gezeigt.


Einen Dank an Bulkhead, der das gefunden hat.

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Power of the Primes Episode 3

TF-Allgemein Heute ist nun die Power of the Primes Episode 3 online. Sie hat den Titel “Without Warning”.

Still without Megatron, the team must now fend off both Volcanicus and Predaking. Meanwhile, Megatronus arrives at the Well of Sparks to forge a new device that will help him accomplish his nefarious plan.


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Imaginarium Art Wheeljack Statue

TF-Generation 1 Heute können wir euch Bild zeigen, auf dem man die kommende Imaginarium Art Wheeljack Statue im Ganzen sieht.


Quelle: Imaginarium Art

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Neue Angebote von Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

Loads of new arrivals and re-stocks now available please note some of these items hit stock late today so some pre-orders will not make it out until tomorrow morning.

1) Grand Maximus - early bird price of £184.99 still available, ends soon! -…/transformers-legends-lg-ex-gr…

2) Zeta Toys Racket -…/zeta-toys-za-05…/category/239/

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TFSource News! MP-29+, MP-42, BC Steamroll/Recon, XT Savant, FT Rouge & More!


TFSource News! MP-29+, MP-42, BC Steamroll/Recon, XT Savant, FT Rouge, Grand Maximus & Greatshot!



MP-29+ Masterpiece Shockwave – Laserwave – G1 Toy Color Version
Transformers Masterpiece – MP-42 Cordon
Badcube – Old Time Series – OTS-14 Steamroll and OTS-15 Recon
X-Transbots – MX-17 Savant
DNA Design – DK-06 – Grimlock Upgrade Kit
X-Transbots – Monolith Combiner – MX-13 Crackup
Diaclone Reboot – DA-04 Dia-Naughts Version 3 Set of 8 – Limited Edition Exclusive
SXS-R04S – R-04S – Hot Flame – Lost Light Version
Wild Kidz – Iron Deck – Base Background Panels
Magic Square – MS-B01 Architect and MS-B02 Fire Extinguisher
Transformers Studio Series – Voyager Wave – Thundercracker – Toys R Us Exclusive
Unique Toys Ragnaros Combiner M-04 and M-05


Fans Toys FT-24 Rouge
Transformers Legends Series – LG-EX Grand Maximus
Transformers Legends Series – LG-EX – Greatshot
Transformers Studio Series Wave 1 Voyager and Leader Class
Modfans Voice Upgrade Kit for MP36 Megatron w/ LED – English Version
Fans Hobby – Master Builder – MB-06 Power Baser and Restock
Transform Dream Wave – Add-on Kits
Mastermind Creations – R-30 Nitro, R-31 Ater Beta & R-32 Stray
Unique Toys – YM04 & YM05 – Palm Collection
GigaPower – Gigasaurs – HQ-04 Graviter – Metallic Version
DX9 Toys – DX9-D11 – Richthofen
Masterpiece Movie Series – MPM-5 Barricade – Takara Tomy Version


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Unique Toys - UT-R02 Challenger (AOE/TLK Optimus Prime)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von der 3rd Party Firma Unique Toys kommt jetzt eine Optimus Prime heraus, der den von Age Of Extinction und The Last Knight nachempfunden ist. Der hat die Bezeichnung UT-R02 Challenger und hier sind die ersten Bilder dazu.

Height: 27-28 cm, roughly in between.
Accessories: light up heads, 4 faces in total, sword, shield and dagger.
Pre-order bonuses : Merlin’s staff, Merlin’s small staff, Lockdown’s stuff.

Unique-_Toys-_UTR-02-_Challenger-01 Unique-_Toys-_UTR-02-_Challenger-02 Unique-_Toys-_UTR-02-_Challenger-03 Unique-_Toys-_UTR-02-_Challenger-04 Unique-_Toys-_UTR-02-_Challenger-05 Unique-_Toys-_UTR-02-_Challenger-06 Unique-_Toys-_UTR-02-_Challenger-07 Unique-_Toys-_UTR-02-_Challenger-08 Unique-_Toys-_UTR-02-_Challenger-09

Quelle: Unique Toys

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Takara Masterpiece MP-42 Cordon

TF-Masterpiece Hier sind die neuen Bilder vom Masterpiece MP-42 Cordon.

Cordon-1 Cordon-2 Cordon-3 Cordon-4 Cordon-5 Cordon-6 Cordon-7 Cordon-8 Cordon-9 Cordon-10 Cordon-11 Cordon-12 Cordon-13 Cordon-14 Cordon-15 Cordon-16 Cordon-17 Cordon-18 Cordon-19 Cordon-20 Cordon-21 Cordon-22


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Takara Tomy Power of the Primes Figuren im Oktober

TF-Generations Hier zeigen wir euch die Bilder zu den im Oktober erscheinenden Takara Tomy Power of the Primes Figuren. Zu sehen sind:

PP-32 Alpha Trion
PP-33 Skrapnel / Shrapnel
PP-34 Tailgate
PP-35 Novastar / Firestar
PP-36 Inferno

PP-32-_Alpha-_Trion-1 PP-32-_Alpha-_Trion-2 PP-32-_Alpha-_Trion-3 PP-32-_Alpha-_Trion-4 PP-32-_Alpha-_Trion-5 PP-33-_Skrapnel-1 PP-33-_Skrapnel-2 PP-34-_Tailgate-1 PP-34-_Tailgate-2 PP-34-_Tailgate-3 PP-35-_Novastar-1 PP-35-_Novastar-2 PP-35-_Novastar-3 PP-35-_Novastar-4 PP-35-_Novastar-5 PP-35-_Novastar-6 PP-35-_Novastar-7 PP-36-_Inferno-1 PP-36-_Inferno-2 PP-36-_Inferno-3 PP-36-_Inferno-4 PP-36-_Inferno-5 PP-36-_Inferno-6 PP-36-_Inferno-7 PP-36-_Inferno-8 PP-36-_Inferno-9

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