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Transformers Cyberverse Serie - Erste Aufnahmen

TF-Allgemein Heute können wir euch die ersten Aufnahmen der kommenden Transformers Cyberverse Serie zeigen.

This seems to be from episode one.
The animation is very fluid and stylish. It’s a different look to Robots in Disguise and arguably works quite well.
Bumblebee “talks” in radio clips, kind of like the 2007 movie / the new movie.
Bumblebee seems very fun-loving and not serious. He’s also got serious total memory loss, not even knowing who Thundercracker or Windblade are.
Windblade plays the serious role.
The Allspark is involved somehow – it may be they need Bumblebee’s memories to uncover its location before Megatron gets it.
Thundercracker doesn’t talk. At all. He does grunt angrily. Hopefully he gets some actual dialogue in the show, and this isn’t showing us that most of those 90 characters will go unvoiced.
The setting of this clip is a desert somewhere. Here’s hoping the final show mixes up the settings a bit and doesn’t have the whole thing take place in Nevada.

Transformers-_Cyberverse-01 Transformers-_Cyberverse-02 Transformers-_Cyberverse-03 Transformers-_Cyberverse-04 Transformers-_Cyberverse-05 Transformers-_Cyberverse-06 Transformers-_Cyberverse-07 Transformers-_Cyberverse-08 Transformers-_Cyberverse-09 Transformers-_Cyberverse-10 Transformers-_Cyberverse-11 Transformers-_Cyberverse-12 Transformers-_Cyberverse-13 Transformers-_Cyberverse-14 Transformers-_Cyberverse-15 Transformers-_Cyberverse-16 Transformers-_Cyberverse-17 Transformers-_Cyberverse-18 Transformers-_Cyberverse-19 Transformers-_Cyberverse-20 Transformers-_Cyberverse-21 Transformers-_Cyberverse-22 Transformers-_Cyberverse-24 Transformers-_Cyberverse-25 Transformers-_Cyberverse-26 Transformers-_Cyberverse-27 Transformers-_Cyberverse-28 Transformers-_Cyberverse-29 Transformers-_Cyberverse-30 Transformers-_Cyberverse-31 Transformers-_Cyberverse-32 Transformers-_Cyberverse-33 Transformers-_Cyberverse-34 Transformers-_Cyberverse-35 Transformers-_Cyberverse-36 Transformers-_Cyberverse-37 Transformers-_Cyberverse-38 Transformers-_Cyberverse-39 Transformers-_Cyberverse-40 Transformers-_Cyberverse-41 Transformers-_Cyberverse-42 Transformers-_Cyberverse-43 Transformers-_Cyberverse-44 Transformers-_Cyberverse-45 Transformers-_Cyberverse-46 Transformers-_Cyberverse-47 Transformers-_Cyberverse-48 Transformers-_Cyberverse-49 Transformers-_Cyberverse-50

Quelle: Cartoon Network

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Transformers Cyberverse Serie - Erste Aufnahmen

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